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Onsite and Online Support

On Site Support
Iconsolution can help you on both short and long term IT services needs of your business. Our IT engineers had been in the business of providing IT services and Onsite support since 2007. Each of our IT engineer has a strong technological foundation that was shaped by experience and continued education, training and hands on application.
We offer the following services:
Complete Technical IT Support
» All calls guaranteed to be answered within 30 seconds
» Comprehensive support to all office applications and/or other proprietary applications
» Troubleshooting of applications, connectivity, printers and much more
» Highly trained Help Desk Officers that coordinates exact clients need to our support team
Onsite Desktop Support Services
Iconsolution provides onsite end-user Desktop support necessary to keep your company productive and in tip-top shape.
» Installation of new hardware or desktop platforms
» Addition and/or upgrade of peripheral equipment
» Moving and / or expansion to a different location
» Assist in daily support and management
» Respond to client’s request for client support and technical issue resolution via e-mail, phone and site visits
» Configuration of client's equipment to connect to the Internet via modem/DSL Router (Dialup/DSL customers only).
» Configure software to connect Internet application servers
» Provide training to clients with the use of system and applications related to Internet
Advanced Level Engineering Services
Iconsolution IT Engineers can help you with the following:
» Systems and hardware analysis
» Customized support on operational issues based on client computer systems
» Application deployments
» Day-to-day technology deployments
» Vendor/resource management
Iconsolution Remote Assistance Desk Support:
» 100% Client Focused
» Fast & Reliable
» Flexible Incident Resolution
Iconsolution Technical Support Services Can be Accessed Through:
» 24-7 professional direct line Help Desk and Support Center
» Centralized Email that directly links to our Help Desk and Support Center
» Remote shadowing service
Security Support:
 » 24-7 remote monitoring, troubleshooting, repairs and protection using advanced security features.
Product Warranty:
 » Warranty and post-warranty maintenance services packages.