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Mail and Web Hosting
We are continually advancing the standard in Mail and Webhosting. Our professional email hosting service is ideal for businesses or individuals looking for a reliable email solution featuring Webmail, IMAP, POP3 and SMTP. Iconsolution offers spam and virus protection, archiving and a host of other features.
We also offer dependable webhosting. We help your business achieve global presence because we offer reliable uptime. You will be treated to a fully equipped, top-of-the-line system that is professionally maintained and updated.
Iconsolution saves you thousands of dollars because you can enjoy the benefit of having mail and webhosting services without purchasing any server hardware, software and consequent upgrades and experts to run the system.
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) Hosting
We welcome you to the new age of file transfer. Our FTP packages can best suit your needs. We offer a comprehensive range of FTP services. Our FTP hosting is designed for document management of your for businesses that requires moving large files on a regular basis. You can set permissions to allow certain customers to view specific files and/or directories. This allows you to give specific customers private access.
» Improved reliability when transferring files
» Better professionalism with our custom branding and web site integration
» Enhanced simplicity in creating and managing user accounts
» Extra features such as upload/download email notifications and detailed usage reports
Simplified usability for clients – such as fewer firewall issues and no software to learn
Easy, Safe and Faster is our guarantee. Our FTP hosting system was developed around the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) standard. This enables you the fastest and most effective way to access and manage your files on our FTP Server. We allow users to easily perform data exchange actions between their computers to our host servers.
IconSolution provide FTP service that allows you to distribute files to your customers. We offer a password protected web based download page that is customized to your company brand. This saves your customers time and effort from installing FTP clients when they only need to download files that you have uploaded. Our solution with regards to FTP hosting is simplified for clients because there are fewer firewall issues and no software to learn.