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CCTV Installation and Maintenance

Property and Business security is our common goal. This is the reason we offer CCTV installation services.
ICONSOLUTION offers CCTV Installation applications from affordable domestic and Small Business needs to large scale HD IP Camera Applications.
CCTV installation is the most cost effective answer to business security and flexibility because it enables monitoring, protection and security to both your property and business against theft and under productivity. Moreover CCTV enables business owners and executives to monitor and run businesses while on domestic and foreign trips because CCTV is easily accessed over the internet.
Securing your property and your business against theft and loss of productivity is now a necessity. Well designed surveillance systems are both a preventative tool against theft to properties and business. It also serves as a tool to facilitate productivity among staffs in the work environment because everyone knows that they are being closely monitored.
Among the cameras that we currently offer are:  indoor camera, outdoor camera,  IR day/night camera, dome camera, bullet camera, vandal group camera, hidden camera and pan tilt zoom camera.
We also offer affordable periodic maintenance to your investment once we have installed your CCTV. This will guarantee lifespan and best performance of your CCTV.