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Backup System and Data Recovery

Because we believe we are part of your team, we make backup system and data recovery plain and simple. We keep your data safe, secured and up to date.
Iconsolution observes the highest discipline in the process of protecting and retrieval of your data.  Precisely no data will be left behind. We have LINUX, MAC and Windows resources to implement exhaustive backup and data recovery systems. We will protect you onsite, offsite and online according to your need.
We offer the following:
Complete Backup – is the focal point and beginning for all other types of backup service that we provide. At complete backup we gather all the data contained in the folders and files that are selected to be backed up. Complete backup stores all files and folders and frequent complete backups result to faster and simpler restore operations.
Incremental Backup – is a faster method of backing up data. This means we copy all files within the backup selection that have changed since the last complete backup. We utilize an intelligent process to determine whether each file has changed since the most recent backup.
Differential Backup – in this method we copy only the data that has changed since the last backup operation of any kind (complete, incremental, or differential). Contained in the Differential backup were all files that have changed since the last complete backup.
Daily Backup – is a daily solution that we provide. It is typically a variation of  differential backup. This is a backup operation that backs up only files modified on a given day.
Data Archiving – This type of solution is a critical component of our service designed to help companies become worry free about their storage facilities. This is a solution designed for companies that stores large amount of data and has reached the critical limit of their server storage capacity.
We can archive that data from specific clients’ storage and move it to our storage space thereby unloading clients’ storage to accommodate new data. We have the proper and secure storage space you need.  Our application, storage technology and technique make it easier to collect, store and retrieve all types of data for future use.
Data Recovery –We all desire to prevent data loss due to intentional and unintentional data deletion or due to “corrupt data”. Thus Data Recovery is an integral part of our back-up services. We have designed comprehensive protocols and techniques to meet virtually any file recovery, hard drive recovery or disk recovery need. We can access and recover information from across multiple file types and all types of operating systems; from any kind of desktop, laptop, server, network or any other storage device.
We ensure the privacy of clients’ data throughout the process of receiving, handling, recovering and restoration. We observe an ideal security program to prevent incidence of violations of privacy and tampering of data. We constantly conduct security education to all employees, discuss internal controls and physical security to ensure that our strong commitment to partners and clients are properly observed.